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The MCS2000 Web Tension Controller handles all winding, intermediate zone and unwinding applications. MCS2000 easily interfaces to the appropriate clutch/brake driver or motor drive. The digital controller ends the problem of handling large diameter ratios greater than 10:1.

Product Features

  • P-I-D parameter programming
  • Automatic P-I-D parameter adaption
  • Dual outputs in either current or voltage operation modes
  • Auto-splice circuit
  • Optically isolated I/O
  • PLC compatible
  • Auto ranging of sensors
  • Programmed via hand held programmer or Windows PC program
  • Programmable based parameters may be saved on a plug-in memory card
  • Multilingual programming
  • Usable for unwind/zone/rewind: Electric or Pneumatic Clutches and Brakes, AC, DC, Servo or Stepping Motor Drives.
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Product Catalog

  • Tension Control Systems for Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty Tensioning

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Warner MCS2000 Series Controls